The Clash Tournament is a team dual format tournament held over two days. The first day consists of a qualification tournament which will determine which round robin pool teams are self-sorted into for the championship round-robin brackets.


During the first day Qualification Tournament on Friday, teams will be seeded and placed into one of four standard 8-team brackets. Two of these brackets will compete in a morning session consisting of matches at 9am, 11am, and 1pm. The other two brackets will compete at 4pm, 6pm, and 8pm. The three matches will determine each team's placing in the second day's round-robin championship brackets.


During the second day Championship Tournament, each of the 4 teams that win their qualifying tournament will be placed together in a round-robin Division 1 group to determine positions 1 through 4 in the tournament. The four runner-up teams from the qualification tournament will be placed together in the Division 2 group to determine positions 5-8 and so on. Groups 5-8 will wrestling Saturday morning while brackets 1-4 will wrestle Saturday afternoon. Therefore, a team that wins its first match on Friday will wrestle Saturday afternoon.


There will be four teams in each of these eight second-day pools. The winner of each of these pools will receive a beautiful championship trophy. The second-place team in each of the pools will receive a runner-up trophy. There are no awards for the third and fourth place teams, even in the top pool.